The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommend that patients under age thirty-five try to conceive for one year before pursuing infertility treatment. Patients between the ages of thirty-five and thirty-nine should try to conceive for six months and women aged forty and over should wait no more than three months. There are a few exceptions to these recommendations. Patients who have irregular menstrual periods (cycles that are thirty-five days or longer between periods) or have has previous pelvic infections such as PID should seek advice from their gynaecologist for an earlier referral.

Why should I see a Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine registered with the HPCSA?

Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine registered with the HPCSA has completed specialised training in Reproductive Medicine and would be better equipped to deal with fertility problems. The additional two to three years of training beyond the OB/GYN specialty focuses on assisted reproductive techniques, advanced microsurgery of the pelvic organs, disorders of the anatomy, which may affect fertility, and disorders of the sperm. This additional training beyond the OB/GYN specialty is invaluable and will increase your probability of conception.

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