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One of the most important factors about people’s lives is the information of, the use of, and the growing knowledge of medicine. Medicine is a form of art. It depends on how skillfully doctors apply their knowledge when dealing with patients.

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From the first visit with Dr Slabbert I felt completely comfortable and at ease that we could put our trust in him during this difficult journey. With all the ups and downs I believe the one thing that got us through the tough time was the support of the team at Dr Slabbert inc. Their thoughts and prayers meant so much to us. By the grace of God we were naturally blessed with our miracle baby girl after 6 years, and still our joy was shared by the team at Dr Dawie Slabbert inc. Thank you so much for giving us hope and supporting us through trying time.
Lauren Schell



Schell Family

Schell Family

Cape Town, South Africa

A very big thank you for the little guy Finley that has come into our lives, born on the 16th August 2021 (2 weeks earlier than expected) this would have not been possible with out the help of Dr Slabbert, Dr Fourie, Sister Marcelle and the rest of the Team behind the scenes. We started our journey with Dr Dawie Slabbert Inc on the 28th October 2020 using the ICSI procedure after Dr Slabbert explained the different procedures to us during the first consultation. Remembering that Dad had to also undergo a Testis Biopsy due to having a vasectomy almost 18 years ago. Our son Finley was placed into his mom on the 11th December 2020 and we got our positive pregnancy result on the 19th December 2020. A day we will not forget. We would highly recommend Dr Slabbert and Team to anyone who is having trouble with conceiving as Dr is a no nonsense guy and says and tells it as it is and explains in thorough to his patients. If it was not for this fantastic Team of people I don’t know if our little guy would be here. Once again Thank you all involved you have helped us bring our son Finley into this Wonderful World. From the Petzer Family Wayne, Ray and Finley

Petzer Family

Petzer Family

Cape Town, South Africa

“Dr Slabbert and his team are amazing, friendly and super helpful. Dr Slabbert was our third fertility specialist that we had seen, we had been on this journey for 5 years and after 9 failed attempts with doctors in another province we had almost given up.
We moved to Cape Town and heard about Dr Slabbert, and made an appointment with him. We didn’t have much expectations but then he asked all the questions I had been dying for doctors to ask previously, and he took his time with us and made us feel comfortable, our first try with him gave us our miracle baby girl and we will forever be grateful to him and his amazing team.” Angela Pastellides

Pastellides Family

Pastellides Family

Cape Town, South Africa
Schell Family, Cape Town, South AfricaPetzer Family, Cape Town, South AfricaPastellides Family, Cape Town, South Africa

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